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Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth with our unique framework. Explore the depths of your being and uncover the layers of your true self as you navigate through our comprehensive coaching programs.

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Self Realization Formula


Discover the depths of your essence beyond the confines of your physical body. Learn to elevate your consciousness from the material to the metaphysical, transcending mere existence to embody your true essence.


Free yourself from the shackles of thought and emotion. Master techniques to transcend the limitations of the mind, realizing that you are not defined by fleeting thoughts or emotions but by the boundless expanse of your consciousness.


Embrace your identity as a holistic being and unlock the power of integration. Through the journey of identification, differentiation, and integration, realize your true potential and become whole in mind, body, and spirit.

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Live In The Truth

Clarify Your Life Vision:

Expand your awareness from the physical to the metaphysical through our “transcend & include” approach.

Go from heaps to wholes

Experience the synergy of becoming greater than the sum of your parts, rearranging your Meta-self for optimal alignment.

Find Your Purpose

Discover your unique value, strengths, and aspirations to carve a fulfilling path aligned with your essence.

Embrace Your Metaphysical Identity:

Equip yourself with the tools to articulate and defend your immaterial essence, transcending materialistic biases.

Confront Your Shadows:

Navigate your fears and blind spots to unearth your authentic self buried beneath layers of conditioning.

Navigate Life Transitions:

Harness the power of transformation during periods of upheaval, emerging stronger and wiser.

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Go Beyond Matter

$200 of personality Assessments

Access to CloverLeaf Dashboard

Metaphysical self-awareness

Differentiate body and mind

Set developmental goals

Challenge physical desires

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$200 of personality Assessments

Access to CloverLeaf Dashboard

Identify your developmental patterns

Identify your blind spots

Identify Strengths and Values

Learn to transcend your Enneatype

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Premium Coaching

Go Beyond Mind

$200 of personality Assessments

Access to CloverLeaf Dashboard

Differentiate mind and observer

Set developmental goals

“Transcend and include” techniques

Shadow Integration

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    It’s such a simple concept when explained in a simple, logical way


  • Testimonial

    You have truly helped so much. I am utterly grateful!


  • Testimonial

    Thank you for your shares Christopher, so great having someone who understands the material the way you do. Bless you!


  • Testimonial

    Finding your ‘little mind ‘ recommendation extremely useful the last few weeks and passed it on to others all of whom found it great too, so thanks once again.


  • Testimonial

    Oh I absolutely love that, the personification pulls it apart from the subject. You have nuggets of gold in your wisdom and understanding. Thank you!


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